Trees in Black and White by ManButur Suantara.

Trees in Black and White by ManButur Suantara. The beauty and poetic vision of ManButur in a series of captures across the Indonesian landscapes. What do you feel when you see a trees’ shadow? When you look upon their reflections and silhouettes. There is something intrinsically human about them.

A Trees’ Reflection

Perhaps you can say, it may be that it is the other way around. There is something intrinsically tree like about human beings. Why we see our own reflection in the Earth’s oldest children. For of the oldest living things on this Earth, trees are amongst them. They carry the memories and earths’ blood in their veins.

They hold the survival of the future in their breathing. When you look at it from this perspective, it is only right that we feel akin and in awe. Of their inscrutable mysteries.

There is this basic truth that trees bring life to others. From the time they are a seed, to their stems and flowers, there is no waste. From the beginning to the end of their life, they are givers to the world.

Nyoman ‘Butur’ Suantara
Take a moment to listen to beautiful music and immerse in the beauty of Trees.
Trees Photography ManButur Suantara

I Hear You Tree

Here is an insightful interview with artist and photographer ManButur Suantara. We explore through an interview with Dewi Dian. Manbuturs’ reflections upon the beauty of Trees. Across the natural landscapes that are the subject of his poetic images. Where they take us across the sea and mountains. From Sumbawa to West Java and in our own Bali home. Read the full article.

Black and White Photography

Trees in Black and White is available as a collection of Limited Editions of 25. Each print is an Archival Giclee Prints which are signed by ManButur Suantara. They are issued here by us and certified by Sawidji Gallery. They come with a certificate of authentication.

About ManButur Sawidji Photography

A little about ManButur Sawidji Vision,

“The art in photography is not just about taking a picture. Firstly, it is not just about the technical side of photography. It is also about putting spirit and feeling in the image that you create. 

And when you do this, your image can carry a different story in it.  Here at ManButur and Sawidji, together we are finding a new driving inspiration to give our fine art photography life. ” 

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