Introducing Social and Culture Gallery

Introducing Social and Culture Gallery. This category is unique. It is not traditionally a genre in classical Fine Arts. Whereby we have, portraiture, landscape, flora, fauna etc. However, this is a category that is born out of relevance. One that perhaps connects art towards a community purpose, very meaningful to apply today.

At Sawidji, we are grounded on principles and values that serve as guides. Our love of social community, culture, history and Nature are at the centre of how we experience art. Looking at the world today and employing a critical eye to understand the different challenges that communities face today is a meaningful application of art.

Art, a Partner to History

Art throughout history has always played an important role in how the story is passed on to future generations. From the rise of printing to the advent of photography and its evolutionary counterparts to film and digital media, these are perhaps the players in the next generation. The pieces of art that may connect our collective consciousness to a future generation.

Our Social and Culture Gallery is non traditional and contextually broad. We need this broadness in scope. Especially in Bali today, where the accelaration of photography and digital arts is driven by a commerciality that has become the normal standard. Difficult to separate art from the constant marketing of culture and tradition on the world tourism stage.

Hopefully within our new social and culture category we will be able to show images true to culture and discerning of marketing. It it so that we can appreciate the truth of the reality of the state of our culture today. Its imperfections and its flawed beauty.

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