The Red Chair and the White Room, a Collaborative Exhibition.

A Collaboration ‘Red Chair and the White Room‘ opens this week in our gallery space here in Ubud from August 19th. It is open online in several different ways over the next few weeks starting today. This is a pivotal project for us in Sawidji. To present this collaboration marks a significant step that reinforces many of the values on which Sawidji is founded.

An exploration of changes in social behaviours and its potential impact on cultural identity. Through symbolic representation via a portrait narrative. The exhibition is available for viewing online through a photo story. Available below in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Online Exhibition Guide

In English

The Red Chair and the White Room

In Bahasa Indonesia

The Red Chair and the White Room

‘Our conviction that art is a positive channel for inspiring individual and collective awareness means that we do not take creative freedom lightly. Certainly not carelessly. It is not a carte blanche approach. An ethical responsibility comes with employing free expression. Especially when addressing something that encompasses more than just yourself.

It is a vast area full of grey areas. However, we trust that with peaceful intention and with careful considerations, collaborations from within Sawidji that may touch social and cultural topics will be received in the same manner. Art is as variable as people are. It speaks as many languages as there are individuals that create it. Yet it is universal. That in itself is something miraculous and powerful. This uniting power of creativity.

The Spirit of Collaboration

Thus, as a community, albeit small one, we wish to dedicate collaborative works to contribute something back to our larger community. Purity in art is not subject to gender, religion, politics or country. It may question everything or nothing and accept everything or nothing. This freedom in creativity is powerful and can be a moving positive force.

On set at the completion of Red Chair and the White Room. From left to right Kaprus Jaya, Jhunia, Dewi Dian, Kadek Meliani, and ManButur.

Visit Sawidji Gallery to see a Collaboration ‘Red Chair and the White Room’..For those of you who are in Bali and have the opportunity to visit, please take some time and visit our Sawidji in Ubud. We will have special short film screenings, and discussion groups throughout the next month.

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Nature's Blossoms photography by Dewi Dian Reich

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