In the Studio: Portrait Highlights

Creative Portrait Photography. Studio Highlights.

This year we have started our Creative Portrait Photography and it has started with very engaging sessions in our studio. During the last couple of months especially, the wonderful individuals who have come have approached our studio creative portrait sessions with a lot of positivity and openness. Enjoying the process and generous in sharing themselves in front of the lens.

I have a lot of admiration for this because I think for a lot of people this actually takes courage. In stepping out of their comfort zones. Many photographers are uncomfortable in front of the camera. We are used to being somewhat protected by the tools of our work we have a certain refuge in being behind it all and looking through our viewfinder. So I can appreciate that being the object of focus is not easy for many people.

Studio Portrait Highlights

Empathising with this, I find that I also get a lot from our creative portrait photography sessions.The process that we go through, of giving each other a safe space to get comfortable. To relax and experiment with posture and expressions is quite an intimate thing and for me it goes both ways. And when both sides are willing to push some boundaries, some magic happens in the studio.

In the Studio: Creative Portrait Highlights

Studio Portrait Highlights shows how portraiture serves to bridge our creativity through a channel that brings people closer together. Keeping our values in artistic integrity and the spirit of collaboration first.

We have published a Studio Reels Gallery page.

Sawidji has begun to extend our services programs and we’re excited about our Creative Portrait Photography and Outdoor Portrait Photography. To find out more about our program check out the following links

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