Rejang, a Beautiful Reminder of Impermanence

Sawidji Art Gallery Tjandra Hutama

Tjandra Hutama

‘Rejang, a Beautiful Reminder of Impermanence’ is a retrospective look at the series of art photography montages by artist Tjandra Hutama. Written by Dewi Dian Reich. This collection is also posted in

Rejang is a sacred Balinese dance, a sacrificial dance in which the girls symbolically offer themselves to the gods. It is held in the Hindu Temples of Klungkung Regency and Karangasem Regency in BaliIndonesia. ‘Rejang’ means ‘offering’. This dance is performed to greet the gods that descend to the Earth.

In this series ‘Rejang, a Beautiful Reminder of Impermanence’, the themes of beauty, impermanence and time are explored. Tjandra Hutama has won many awards in photography competitions. It is the saturation of pictorial beauty that he encountered throughout those years that prompted this need to reflect something deeper about our perception of beauty. To remind us of its impermanence and of its limitations.

Physical beauty that is subject to decay and deconstruction is merged with representations of the spiritual and sacred. Elements that are timeless and infinite. Within the layers of Rejang images, the beauty of the dancers is merged with the textures of broken-down buildings, decaying walls, brittle wood, leaves, rust, ash and dust. Despite this, what we see is still beautiful. These textures that are introduced into the work represent the five elements known as Panca Maha-Bhuta. The elements that are the basis of all cosmic creation as believed in Hinduism.

In a culture that is so rich with both earthly and spiritual knowledge, the common obsession with the appearance of beauty can distance us from this rich wisdom. Perhaps the common insistence on a certain type of beauty ultimately blinds us to what is truly beautiful.

Rejang A Beautiful Reminder of Impermanence Tjandra Hutama Sawidji Gallery

Fine Art Photography Giclee Prints

All prints from this series are limited editions of 30. They are available as giclee archival fine art prints from Sawidji Gallery with a certificate of Authentication signed by the artist.

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