About Us

About Us Sawidji Studio Fine Art Photography.

“The art in photography is not just taking a picture. It is not just about the technical side of photography. It is about putting spirit and feeling in the image that you create. When you do this, your image can carry a different story.  At Sawidji Studio, together we are finding a new driving inspiration to give our fine art photography life. ” 

~ManButur Suantara
About Us Sawidji Studio Fine Art Photography. Dewi Dian Reich

Dewi Dian Reich

Dewi Dian is an active artist and writer. She is founder of Sawidji Artist Collective and Gallery. Dian has a deep love for art, history and the traditions in her Indonesian heritage. She is passionate about nurturing the creative collaborations that drives the Sawidji vision.

This is approached through creativity and knowledge sharing. Also by establishing a collaborative spirit. When this is done with dedication, it brings people together. There is Dewi Dians’ hope that others may find a joyful appreciation of art. Furthermore, an appreciation and joyful gratitude in Nature and our cultural heritage.

ManButur Suantara 

ManButur is an Artist and Photographer. From many years of experience, he has an extensive professional portfolio that shows a diverse mastery of many photographic genres. ManButur is passionate about the purity in classical Black and White Photography.

In another area, ManButur Suantara is also very passionate about the environment and that of local wildlife conservation. Here in this partnership, we are working together to strengthen the role of photography. Not only as a platform for our own artistic expressions, but also as a tool in education and wildlife conservation efforts.

About Us Sawidji Studio Fine Art Photography ManButur Suantara


Sawidji Studio is about our creativity coming together. With ManButur Suantara and Dewi Dian Reich and our colleagues in our community, we have begun a n initiative that focuses on cultivating fine arts in photography and digital media. It is important to emphasise this. Because the value of art is changing and it is changing quickly. Not only of its meaning to the community but also its purpose.

It is right to say that the purpose of art is far too often extremely commercial. This is a result of many factors. There are influences from commercial and technological directions which can take us away from a pure creative intention.

Core Values at Sawidji Studio

Sawidji Studio continues the three primary values of Sawidji. As a mutual reminder of our wish to nurture the arts in Photography.

  • The creation of art is only for the cultivation of arts’ purpose. 
  • To find commercial viability in an appropriate channel that do not diminish the integrity of art. 
  • To encourage education and knowledge sharing about our environment, wildlife and history. As well as nurturing better understanding of our artistic disciplines.


Finally, we note that our portfolio displays a wide range of genres. This is because we bring with us a wide range of technical and artistic exposures. Therefore, what we find exciting in this partnership are the possibilities ahead of us. That is the direction in which we are moving towards together. And that direction is one that unites our skills.

Where we have a united vision to establish a fine art photography platform and community. One that thrives on intellectual as well as intuitive creativity. Where our community can learn more about art. In a way that serves a meaningful purpose.