Black and White

Black and White Gallery featuring at Sawidji Studio. Featuring the works of ManButur Suantara.

The world in black and white may be said to be lacking in variety. Sometimes though, it is seen as a culmination of two extremes that take no pleasure in the transitions. However, for those who are pure colour theorists this may not be seen as a lack of colour. Since they are not recognised to be colours at all. However, they are both made up of all the colours in the colour spectrum. That is either by the measure of light or by pigments.

The Beauty of Nature in Black and White

The world in monochrome theoretically means it includes all the colours that light and pigments can fashion together. But they offer to us the vision of the world in its most simplest and elegant forms.

ManButur Suantara is a Fine Art Photographer. An artist, teacher and mentor in the Industry for over a decade his contributions into the many genres of photography is vast. Also, his love for Nature inspires his art as well as his environmental and wildlife projects. These projects are actually considerable in scope and dedication. Perhaps this is a way of giving back to Mother Nature.

I have always liked photography.. I often think to myself, ‘how do these people capture these really good images,.how do they make an image so beautiful? 

I never really knew that much about particular photographers, there was no particular name that was my inspiration. It has always been simply the image… 

ManButur Suantara

Born in Amlapura, a small town in the east part of Bali Island. ManButur Suantara is a freelance photographer with a strong passion for Landscape Photography. For years now he has explored Nature scapes through extensive travel. 

Besides Landscape Photography, ManButur is also active in many different areas of Photography. He is a veteran of several genres. In architectural, food and events as well as macro photography.

Bali is ManButurs’ home base. With its rich natural beauty and culture. Providing him with ample themes in which his landscape and cultural photography can truly be seen for its artistic depth.

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