Fauna photography collection featuring the works of ManButur Suantara.

/ˈfônə,ˈfänə/ noun: fauna; plural noun: faunae; plural noun: faunas

The animals of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.

The beautiful birds and wildlife captured in our Fauna Gallery of images are from ManButurs’ time out in Balis’ National Parks and local habitats. It is easy to appreciate their beauty. Indonesia has one of the highest number of bird species in the world. Bali island is lucky to have such a wonderful array of wildlife, despite being a small island.

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Bird Photography With ManButur

ManButurs’ passion for wildlife and the environment is something we are always learning from. One of the reasons we are inspired, here through Sawidji, to share that knowledge through Tale Feathers! articles.

You may be aware bird watching and bird photography is very much in trend here in Bali. Therefore, in our small way, we hope to contribute by sharing. By sharing the interesting stories we have on different birds may deepen our appreciation. Not just of their visual beauty. Knowledge about our wildlife brings us all closer to understanding Nature. The images become much more meaningful to appreciate and enjoy.

Fauna ManButur Sawidji Photography

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