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  1. the plants of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.”the desert flora give way to oak woodlands”
  2. a treatise on or list of the plant life of a particular region or period.plural noun: florae; plural noun: floras

Flora Photography: Definition of Flora

The word “flora” comes from the Latin name of Flora, the goddess of plantsflowers, and fertility in Roman mythology. The technical term “flora” is then derived from a metonymy of this goddess at the end of the sixteenth century. It was first used in poetry to denote the natural vegetation of an area, but soon also assumed the meaning of a work cataloguing such vegetation.

Within Sawidji Studio online Gallery, Flora Photography covers a wide range of visual interpretations. Images range from a close up look through ManButurs’ beautiful captures in Macro to Flora images taken in another contextual theme like in the Fortitude Series by Dewi Dian.

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