Legong Rhapsody by ManButur Suantara

Legong Rhapsody, ManButur Suantara. Spirit of Legong, Limited Edition of 25, Archival Prints issued and certified by Sawidji Gallery. Read article on Legong Rhapsody, a Dance Through Time.

Legong Rhapsody by ManButur Suantara present several poetic images of the ‘Spirit of Legong’. ManButur is a fine art photographer and a key member of Sawidji Artist Collective. His works are regularly in Sawidji Gallery. Whilst an active contributor within Sawidji community there are regular articles and high lights where ManButur shares his art and technical skills. Also, he shares his deep of Nature through his work. We invite you to explore related articles below in About ManButur Suantara

Tale Feathers White Tailed Tropicbird

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