Portrait Gallery

Sawidji Studio Portrait Photography Gallery. With the creative portraiture of Dewi Dian Reich and ManButur Suantara.

There is something truly simple and yet tremendously complex within the portrait. We simply capture an image but.. it is more than just a likeness.

~Dewi Dian Reich

Our Photography Studio is located in Ubud Bali. Relaxed and informal atmosphere to bring out your creativity as well. Unplanned and minimal staging, this is where we bring barriers down to capture more than just a studio portrait.

Find out about concept photography and enjoy a relaxing, creative process with Sawidji Studio in a Studio Portrait experience. Located in our photography studio in Ubud Bali.

Have a coffee, a chat and be part of a creative vision. Collaborate in conceptualising the portrait that reflects you through creativity and honesty.

Dians creative energy brings the art alive again. By sharing passion, her thoughtful mind and positive energy ~ManButur Suantara