Solitude Series LE


  • Solitude Series
  • Artist: ManButur Suantara
  • Medium: archival giclee print
  • Subject Matter: Landscape, solitude, black and white, nature
  • Type: Photography
  • Edition: of 25


Solitude Series LE by ManButur Suantara.

Solitude is a selection of Black and White Landscapes by ManButur Suantara. Images that are especially poetic in its sombreness and silence. Each frame draws you in. Transporting you to a place that is detached from everything else.

Perhaps you get a sense of being frozen in a moment. Yet, what I love about these images by ManButur is that they not only convey a visual story. There is a strong atmosphere of overwhelming silence. Of a stillness and quiet.


Each photograph is different. In some of the photographs, I think it expresses my feeling like I am an outcast. In the house, it shows perhaps a desire to escape into this place , perhaps for a few days or weeks. wouldn’t it be nice to be in that space. Solitude here might not be loneliness, but like a sanctuary. A place that is peaceful and safe.

ManButur’s comfort being in Nature’s elements is perhaps very evident here. The mood of peace and beauty one finds in what others may interpret as lonely or cold, reveals more the artists’ sentiments about Nature. In her vastness, we are still at home.

Solitude LE displays the sombre, poetic beauty of ManButur Suantara’ fine art landscape photography in black and white. Explore Collections at Sawidji Studio.

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ManButur Suantara is a Fine Art Photographer. An artist, teacher and mentor in the Industry for over a decade his contributions into the many genres of photography is vast. His love for Nature does not only inspire his art but also his environmental and wildlife documentation projects. Considerable in scope and dedication as his way of giving back to Mother Nature.

Born in Amlapura, a small town in the east part of Bali Island. ManButur Suantara is a freelance photographer with a strong passion for Landscape Photography. For years now he has explored Nature scapes through extensive travel.

Besides Landscape Photography, Nyoman has been for many years active in different areas of Commercial Photography as well. A veteran of several genres including architectural, food, events as well as macro photography.

Bali is Nyoman’s home base. With its rich natural beauty and culture. Providing Nyoman with ample themes in which his Landscape and Cultural Photography can truly be seen for its artistic depth.

A Legong Rhapsody, a Dance Through Time.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 594 × 42 × 4 cm
Solitude Series

Outcast, Home, Jetty, Guradian, Breeze, Empty, Corner, Twin, Split, Tiga, Imaginary, Sekepat, Batu Belig, Infinity, Nobody Out There, Infinity II, House of God, Calm, Abandoned, Home


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