Creative Photography Services Bali

Sawidji Studio Creative and Photography Services Bali. Our Photography Studio is located in Ubud Bali and focus in Creative Photography that are based on three principles that we value. Art for arts’ sake, appropriate commercial channels and art education.

We have developed a range of services that reflect these foundational values. Sawidji Studio is part of Sawidji Gallery and Artist Collective. our services are programs run together by ManButur Suantara, Dewi Dian Reich and our support team.

Photography: Personal

In Personal Photography Services, Sawidji Studio features creative portraiture with Dewi Dian and outdoor sessions with ManButur that encourages you to participate in the creative process. By being part of the concept development process. Explore our Gallery pages in Portraiture, Wildlife, Black and White, Social and Culture and Fine Art. As well as the newly added Studio Reels page featuring our Sawidji Studio Creative Portraiture.

Services Photography: Business

In Business, our photography services cater to a range of commercial requirements. From basic product shoots, to concept development that includes marketing and social media strategy campaigns. We enjoy commercial projects that benefit from our strengths in conceptual and creative photography. Allowing us to explore joint commercial themes through photography in explorative and often unconventional ways.

We enjoy working on exciting and challenging projects, in a collaborative spirit. Collaborations welcome.

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Workshops and Programs

In addition to photography services in personal and business, we are excited about our upcoming education programs. Insofar our Blog and articles is already developing a knowledge sharing database. Sawidji Studio will launch a series of workshops and programs in 2023. Exploring photography in a truly creative way. We bring into our program our in depth portfolios in Fine Arts and Commercial Photography. Offering a program that deals with both perspectives whilst enhancing creativity and individual styles.

Product Catalogue Coming Soon