In the Studio, when we look at the inspiration that drives us, the fuel that motivates and keeps us thirsty for imagination.. its Nature. Creativity is the element behind the action of creation. This is a Force of Nature. It is miraculous. The natural forces that inspires us are often seen out there in the elements, but it comes inside here with us.

The studio is not simply a room with lights and equipment. This is also our sanctuary, our space.Inside the studio, we are more alone with the singular. With the idea that germinates. Or the vision that fleetingly passes our minds. Inside the studio we let our imaginations free and create.

What you will find in Sawidji Fine Art Photography Studio

ManButur Suantara and Dewi Dian Reich centre our initiative on the collaboration of our skills and artistic styles. It is an initiative that explores through many conceptual themes. In this sanctuary we bring our inspirations and create a new visual language. Learn more about us.