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Fine Art Portrait Photography at Sawidji Studio Bali

Think Portraiture Studio Session

With every introduction and greeting we meet each other. Every individual person has a unique energy that reverberates around them. They are present even in silence, even when it is dark. Spend a day wit Dian at Sawidji Studio and be the Muse for your own portrait. This is an exercise of self acceptance and conceptualisation. Unplanned and minimal staging, this is where we bring barriers down to capture an intimate insight.

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What's On Sawidji Studio Photography

Portraiture Natural

An experience that combines all the facets of our portraiture session in the studio in an outdoor location. We will, through discussion agree on a chosen location. Then we go out for a day trip. To a place where you feel inspired and connected to. For those wishing to have a portrait that is as much a story of the environment around us as well as themselves in it. A day with ManButur Suantara to experience the beautiful forests, mountains or seascapes of Bali with us.

This is a tailored portraiture session. As well as an adventure to enjoy the beautiful landscape. Also, you will probably find out some interesting things about the natural environment as well as the history of your location.